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About This QuizYour family is necessary to you. So is their well being. Staying healthy means consuming proper, and consuming proper means making ready tasty, flavorful meals which are as simple on the wallet as they are on the waistline. Let’s see how much you know about purchasing for and preparing healthy meals.

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You may get 35 % of a day’s really helpful vitamin C, 20 % of vitamin B6, 15 % of iodine, 10 p.c each of niacin, iron and copper, and 6 % of protein from what?

a steak

a potato

A easy potato is just one hundred calories and packs a wallop by way of vitamins and minerals.

a serving of kale

True or false: Fruits and vegetables should be recent to be nutritious.

False. Canned or frozen produce is often picked on the peak of ripeness. Actually, you will get extra vitamin C from frozen focus than from freshly squeezed orange juice.

You may typically find the supermarket or generic manufacturers the place?

prime or backside shelves

Look excessive and low to search out the most effective buys — generic manufacturers — on the supermarket. The middle shelves and end caps cost more, and the title brands spend extra money to occupy those eye-catching areas.

middle shelves

end caps

You can use cheaper cuts of meat if you do what?



slow cook

Utilizing a gradual cooker helps tenderize robust however inexpensive cuts of meat. It’s a great way to avoid wasting cash but still get the protein you want.

Consultants advocate you spend probably the most time in which part of the supermarket?




The produce section is normally the primary part you will encounter in the shop, and the place it is best to spend the most time. Ensure you choose a rainbow-colored number of fruits and veggies for the most nutritional value.

When searching for complete grain cereals, you should search for which amount of fiber per serving?

2 grams

3 grams

4 grams

Complete grains provide more fiber. Fiber fills you up and provides different well being benefits. Look for a minimum of 4 grams of fiber in your entire grain cereals.

What number of servings of fish per week does the American Coronary heart Affiliation advocate?



The American Coronary heart Association recommends two servings of fish per week. Fish comprises omega-three fatty acids, that are good for you. Salmon is a wonderful supply of those nutrients.


True or false: ロイヤルハニー The most nutritious foods within the grocery retailer are found around the perimeter.

True. Do most of your shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store for the freshest and healthiest food — produce, recent meat, dairy and contemporary whole grain breads.

Dairy is a good supply of what?

vitamin D

Dairy products, like milk, yogurt, and cheese, are a fantastic supply of vitamin D and calcium.

vitamin A

vitamin B

One cup of minimize-up carrots has how many calories?

25 calories

eighty calories

forty five calories

Look to carrots for a low-fat, healthy snack. A full cup of carrots has only 45 calories.

If a product is labeled “mild,” it will need to have this many fewer calories than the regular model:



A product with “gentle” on the label should comprise one-third fewer calories than the regular version. However, there isn’t any set rule for the phrase “lite.”


One medium-sized apple has what number of calories?

72 calories

An apple a day keeps the physician away, and it additionally keeps you slim at a low seventy two calories!

52 calories

102 calories

Orange juice has how a lot sugar per glass?

10 grams

20 grams

Regardless that it is a wholesome drink, orange juice can comprise up to 20 grams of sugar per glass. Some docs advocate drinking guava juice, as a substitute, because it has same advantages with less sugar.

30 grams

True or false: All wheat breads are created equal.

False. If the primary ingredient listed is refined wheat flour, then this “wheat” bread is similar as white bread. Search for the phrases “complete wheat” relatively than “entire grain” and different performs on phrases.

Youngsters run a better threat of being overweight if they skip what?




Youngsters who skip breakfast run a higher threat of being overweight. Breakfast fuels the brain and body for the day, which is essential for a toddler.

True or false: Granola is essentially the most nutritious choice for cold cereal.

False. Granola is pure but additionally high in fats. Look as an alternative for something excessive in fiber, like bran flakes.

One cup of unshelled edamame is what number of calories?

One hundred twenty calories

For a protein-stuffed snack, try a cup of unshelled edamame. At solely one hundred twenty calories, it should fulfill your stomach.

110 calories

a hundred calories

One container of 2 % Greek yogurt with 2 teaspoons of honey is what number of calories?

Ninety three calories

173 calories

Try some Greek yogurt sweetened with honey, if you are craving a dessertlike snack. At solely 173 calories and a superb amount of calcium, you’ll be doing your physique good.

143 calories

Nuts and seeds present what to make you’re feeling fuller longer?




Protein makes you’re feeling fuller longer. Nuts and seeds provide protein, but do not eat them in large quantities, as they’re also excessive in calories.

True or false: You’ll be able to eat extra of foods with low power density.


True. You’ll be able to eat more of foods with low power density, like carrots, different veggies and air-popped popcorn.


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Beans are rich in what?

B vitamins and iron

Apart from being low in value, beans are additionally nutrient rich — excessive in B vitamins and iron, as well as protein.

vitamin C and minerals

riboflavin and vitamin D

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