8 Instagram Post Ideas for eCommerce Companies

Instagram allows you to tag these products present in your catalog in your posts and stories. As Instagram is a highly visual platform, make full use of your feed by posting tempting photos with attractive captions. Rumi Spice, a brand that sells ethically sourced spices on Instagram, puts up stunning images with great captions to entice their audience into purchasing.

When you take the time to think about what your target audience would like to watch on IGTV, you’re much more likely to get them engaging with your content! It’s important to always be creating content that makes sense for your brand, and will resonate with your target audience. But if you want to use Instagram Stories to get more followers and grow your reach, you’ll need a game plan. That’s why this year you’ll want to invest your time in creating an Instagram Stories strategy.

Conversion, in this case, could refer to a follow, a bio link click, an email entry, or even a purchase. Regardless of what you’re aiming to do through your Instagram content, each and every caption must be engaging in some way. And when you do start posting on Instagram, you’ll want to plan far ahead so you can stay consistent with your content.

The post is relevant, well-crafted, and also raises awareness for the incredible things FoodCorps and SweetGreen are working on. If you can align your company’s values with your consumers, this is golden. Read more about buy likes instagram here. Nike did it well with their winter campaign Choose Your Winter.

She is an IT engineer and used to be a foreign commercial manager and a language teacher. Her passion is learning languages, painting, fashion, and technology. Since 1998, Mash has helped conscious brands differentiate themselves and AWAKEN through Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Design. Here are a few extra tips you might find useful while preparing to run a perfect Instagram ad campaign. Now that we’ve learned about the key distinctions between various types of Instagram ads, let’s see what elements of such ads actually make them work. With Instagram’s latest shoppable function, Instagram Shopping.

It can save you a lot of time posting everything you’ve got lined up manually. A few years ago, I decided to take Instagram more seriously. I started Short of Height, a brand new lifestyle blog and I wanted to get more exposure for it. I saw Instagram as the perfect fit for its visual-centric approach to social media.

Instagram likes are essentially a vote, showing the content resonated with the user in some way. You might have heard that 9 or 11 hashtags are the ideal amount. The key here is to select a relevant hashtag that relates to the Instagram content you’re sharing. You’ve probably heard that hashtags are important, but the chances are you likely don’t use them effectively.