12 Terrific Ways to Promote Your Podcast on Twitter

Select the tick located opposite “Do not show the address” if the physical address of your company does not affect the process of working with customers. This is relevant for professionals and brands that only provide goods and services online. If you have read about the costs of running an ad campaign on social media, and want to forgo sponsored tweets, we get it. You can still run an ad campaign on Twitter without paying for marketing from Twitter.

Banner image –This is essentially a background image for your profile, similar to a Facebook cover photo. You can customise this image to promote your latest project or release. It’s good to switch this image up from time-to-time based on what you’re promoting at the time. If you havesomething in commonwith these types of accounts and/or artists, it usually means your audience and theirs will share that common bond too.

Wording your social media updates in a question format is a great way to increase engagement . People have that naturalinstinctforcing them to get instantly curious and start looking for an answer the moment they read a question. Read more about buy followers twitter here. I suggest using no more than 1-2 hashtags per post and vary them with each tweet.

The company also launched the Ticketed Spaces program in beta, a premium version of its audio room feature Spaces, which makes access to certain audio rooms paid. In March 2021, Twitter started beta testing Spaces for Android users. On March 5, it was announced that Twitter was working on a feature that would offer users a short window of time to rethink a tweet after they hit send. Twitter confirmed to CNN that it is testing an undo option that could potentially let users correct or even to retract a tweet before it is posted on the site.

PewResearch also surveyed social media users and found that almost a quarter of all adults in the United States use the platform. Of course, your own Twitter marketing strategy will be specific to your brand or organization. But following these 11 tips closely will get you started on the right foot. This may seem like a small detail, but providing a location makes your profile feel more personal and real to audiences. This is especially important for small businesses with physical storefronts, as you want customers to be able to find you offline.